Friday Night Shabbat Services

Each Friday (with the exception of the third Friday of the month), at 8:00 pm, we gather for warm, creative, inclusive, and Reform Services.  Our prayers cover the traditional Jewish liturgy, with many traditional melodies.  We add varieties of music, led by soloist Charlotte Rosenberg and organist Charles Woodward.  We include Torah study, reading from the weekly portion, and commentary, plus a D'var Torah (Sermon) on a subject of our Rabbi's choice.  An Oneg follows the service.
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Family Services 

On the third Friday of each month at 7:00 pm, we gather for our Family Service. We cover the traditional liturgy, but with music and stories that are age appropriate.  An Oneg follows.

Saturday Morning Torah Study and Service 

Suspended until further notice.


Celebrate Shabbat at Home

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Celebrating shabbat at home with family and friends creates a warm and wonderful end to your week. Saying or singing blessings over family, candles, wine and challah helps make it sacred. Enjoy this guide from Larchmont Temple, NY. Shabbat Shalom! Shabbat at…