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 1 South Fourth St.          922 Market St.                 P. O. Box 488

 Wilmington, NC 28401   Wilmington, NC 28401    Wilmington, NC  28402

Yom Shlishi, 6 Kislev 5777

Prayer is a language that each of us speaks and hears in a different way. When we pray together, we try to find meaning within the chorus of diverse voices. With their engaging sermons and stimulating teachings, our Rabbis show us how the lessons from the past are relevant to our lives today. 

Through a wide range of truly meaningful spiritual experiences, we offer something for everyone.

Our services are fully egalitarian (men and women participate equally). We believe we have found a healthy balance between the traditional and the creative. Services are conducted in Hebrew and English. We use both traditional and contemporary melodies. People who attend vary from those with Orthodox backgrounds to Jewish by choice.

Morning and Bedtime Rituals for Children

in Blessings
From the Union's publications, Wake-Up Rituals: Crafting Jewish Tradition for Young Childrenand Jewish Bedtime Ritualsproduced by the Department of Lifelong Jewish Learning.UPON WAKINGModeh Ani is the traditional prayer to be said by children. Hold your child…