Board of Trustees

Burt Rosner President Term expires June 2017  (1)
Walter Pancoe Vice President Term expires June 2017  (1)
Morris Levy Treasurer Term expires June 2017  (2)
Glenn Tetterton Secretary Term expires June 2017  (2)
Rita Reibman Immediate Past President (3)
Lynn Floyd  Trustee Term expires June 2017
Sandy Apple  Trustee Term expires June 2017
Laurie Janus


Term expires June 2018

Matthew Weissman


Term expires June 2018
Bryan Steiner


Term expires June 2019
Myrna Cronen


Term expires June 2019
Geoffrey Crater


Term expires June 2019
Sherry Rotz

 President LCS

Larry DePreta

 President CFJMA

Alan Katz

 Endowment Chair

 Term expires June 2017 (5)

Term Expirations
Note (1) President & VP shall be elected for a term of (1) year with a (3) year limitation
Note (2) Treasurer & Secretary shall be elected for a term of (1) without limitations
Note (3) Immediate Past President serves until a new President is elected
Note (4) President of LCS and CFJMA serve until a new President is elected
Note (5) Endowment Chair is elected annually

 BD Burt1                           BD Morris Levy    BD Glenn 2

 Burt Rosner              Walter Pancoe                  Morris Levy                             Glenn Tetterton                

BD Rita

Rita Reibman 

 BD Lynn    BD Sandy    BD Laurie 2     

     Lynn Floyd                                Sandy Apple                  Laurie Janus                       

     BD Myrna Cronen 1

      Myrna Cronen                    Bryan Steiner             Matthew Weissman          Geoffrey Crater

  BD Alan Katz   BD Sherry Rotz   BD LarryDePreta  
      Alan Katz                            Sherry Rotz                 Larry DePreta

Board of Trustees Code of Conduct

As an essential underpinning of a Holy community the Board of Trustees is committed to the full and free exchange of ideas among our congregants.  The Board understands that we cannot always agree about issues facing the Temple or the community, but voicing your concerns and opinions is important, indeed vital, to all of us. Please keep in mind that our congregation is a family and, as such, we respect our fellow congregants and welcome all comments and opinions. If at any time you feel that the Board is not listening to your concerns, please communicate with any Board member in order to assure that all points of view are fairly and considerately resolved.